iPad Q&A

We have received a number of questions about support for Apple iPads at SHC and would like to share some of the answers with you below:

Are iPads officially supported at SHC?
No.  Although you may be able to connect your iPad to the SHC network, we do not have technicians or helpdesk support to assist you if you have difficulty.

Does IT Procure iPads?
No.  Although the IT department has purchased a few iPads for testing purposes, IT is not procuring iPads for use at the Stanford Hospital.

What about Epic for the iPad (Canto)?
Epic has recently released an application specifically designed for the iPad. The application is called Canto, and you can request access by following the instructions provided here.

Who can request Epic for the iPad (Canto)?
Canto is available for all active credentialed SHC providers per Medical Staff Office:

Acupuncturist Hospital Staff Perfusionist
Anesthesiologist Marriage and Family Counseling Physical Therapist
APP Student Medical Staff Physician Assistant
Audiologist Medical Student Psychologist
Clinical Nurse Specialist Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Resident
Dental Assistant Nurse Practitioner Speech Pathologist
Fellow Optometrist Stanford Referring Physician
Genetic Counselor    

I'm having trouble getting Canto set up. Is there any help for this?
Yes. Please review the Canto IT Support FAQs.

Canto seems limited to certain functions.  Why can't I access everything?
Canto is a first generation application which makes selected Epic functions available using the touch-friendly iPad user interface.  More functions are expected in future.  It is not intended to replicate all Epic functionality.

I have heard it is possible to access Epic from the iPad.  If there is no Epic application for the iPad, how is this possible?
It is possible to run the Windows version of Epic on the iPad using an application called Citrix Receiver for the iPad.  This doesn’t always work very well, and it is not supported by SHC.   

In addition, remember that this is the Windows version of Epic, so it is not designed to be used with a touch screen or to otherwise take advantage of the iPad features.  In other words, it can be hard to use even when it is working properly. 

If you wish to try this out for yourself, instructions are available here for connecting your device to the SHC wireless network, and for accessing the Windows version Epic through the Citrix Receiver application. You must be on the SHC Network to visit this link, for connecting your device to the SHC wireless network, and for accessing the Windows version Epic through the Citrix Receiver application.

Can I store PHI and other sensitive data on the iPad?
No.  You should not store Protected Health Information, patient billing information, patient SSNs or other sensitive data on your iPad.  While you should protect your iPad with a security PIN and encrypt your iPad backup inside iTunes, the security built into the iPad is not sufficient at this time to qualify for Safe Harbor legal protection under HITECH in the event your iPad is lost or stolen.

How can I get help?
Although SHC will not be able to assist you, many iPad troubleshooting tips are available online.

Why isn’t SHC providing iPad support?
At this time there are no official SHC applications designed and approved for use on the iPad.  Our goal is to allocate resources to provide the most-needed services.  We will re-evaluate the support model as the landscape of preferred devices and applications changes over time.