SHC HealthStream FAQ

How do I log into HealthStream?

  1. Browse to http://www.healthstream.com/hlc/stanford
  2. Log in with your ID.  By default, your password is the same. 
  3. Select your training assignment from the My Learning page.
  4. The list of courses opens.  To begin working on a course, click the Enroll button.   
  5. Each course may contain multiple learning activities such as a presentation or a quiz.  Click the link for each activity to open a new window.  If prompted, disable your browser's pop-up blocker.  Follow the instructions on screen to complete the activity.
  6. Once you have completed all of the assigned courses, your training completion will be recorded in Healthstream. 

What is my HealthStream User ID?

I forgot my HealthStream password.

Default password is your username.  If you are still unable to log in, you can reset your password or call the Service Desk:

When I try to open my course it will not load. A message displays in HealthStream related to turning off my Pop-up Blocker.

You will very likely need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker to view course content. Follow the instructions below for your particular browser.

Internet Explorer

  1. To turn off the pop-up blocker, click Tools on the menu bar. A dropdown menu will appear.
  2. Select Pop-up Blocker from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

Google Chrome

  1. If Chrome has blocked a pop-up, you will see the icon in the address bar. Click the icon to see a list of the blcoked pop-ups.
  2. Click the link for the HealthStream pop-up window.
  3. Select "Always show pop-ups from...". HealthStream will be added to the exceptions list.

Safari - Mac OSX

  1. With Safari open, click the Safari button in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Click the Security tab
  4. Make sure the "Block pop-up windows" option is not selected

I turned off pop-up blockers, but my course still will not load.

Additionally, you may need to enable Compatibility View (for IE 8+).

  1. To enable compatibility view for Internet Explorer 8+, click on the Compatibility View icon in the address bar (it resembles a torn piece of paper). 
  2. Click the icon to enable Compatibility View and you will be able to proceed.

I completed the course but it is still marked as “In Progress”.

Contact EpiCenter University at EpiCenterUniversity@stanfordmed.org for further support.

My course is designated for Continuing Medical Education (CME). How do I receive credit?

In order to receive CME credit for a designated CME course, you need to first update your profile in Healthstream before you complete the course. Your correct Discipline and License Information will then display when your are ready to print a CME certificate.

For ICD-10 provider training, the CME eligible courses include:

Step 1: Update your CME Profile in Healthstream

  1. Log into Healthstream and click the My Profile tab.
  2. Select Maintain Discipline and License Information.
  3. Click Other.
  4. Complete the required information:
  5. Click Save.
  6. Upon successful completion, you will see the following message:

Step 2: Complete your CME course(s)

  1. Click the My Learning tab.
  2. Click the "Course Information" link for your designated CME course.
  3. Review the completion requirements for CME credit. In many courses, a passing score of 80% on the post-test is required to obtain credit.
  4. Complete the course.

Step 3: Print your CME Certificate

  1. Log into Healthstream and click the My Transcript tab.
  2. Select the completed CME course title.
  3. In the “Course Continuing Education Credit” section, click one of two different types of View Certificate links.
    1. Click the top link for an overall Certificate of Completion
    2. Click one of the right side links for a specific CME certificate
  4. To print the certificate(s), use the Printer shortcut in your browser toolbar.

How can I get an additional verfication of completion for my SHC department / area?

In HealhStream, click the My Transcript tab for a listing of all of your HealthStream completions.

If needed, this page can be printed from your browser. In Internet Explorer, press Ctrl + P to print the current page.

For all other issues (e.g., no course(s) assigned, wrong course(s) assigned, missing/incorrect course content, etc.).

Please contact EpiCenter University at EpiCenterUniversity@stanfordmed.org or call our 4-EPIC clinical support team at 650-724-3742.