Prioritization of Epic Requests

We’re working hard to make Epic better for you, and your requests are important to us. To ensure that we address your most important items first, we have established multi-disciplinary Prioritization Committees that meet weekly to review new Epic requests, whether submitted directly by end users or through our informatics consultation services.

Upon receipt of your request, an informatics liaison will review the details you provided and will contact you for additional information if necessary. Your liaison will then present the request to the Epic Prioritization Committee for scoring. You will receive email updates notifying you of progress through these steps.

Scoring Criteria - All enhancement requests are scored according to strict criteria (clinical and revenue cycle) in each of the following categories:

    1. Patient Safety
    2. Compliance
    3. Quality and Effectiveness
    4. Financial
    5. User Productivity and Satisfaction
    6. Scope

Calculation - Once scoring is complete, then a total score is calculated for each request using a formula with weighted averages.  The sum of these individual scores is then multiplied by the scope or impact of the change to reach the total score. 

Submit a New Request

    1. Contact an Informatics Liaison
    2. Email the SHC Help Desk [psc-shcservicedesk ps.net] or
    3. Call 650-723-3333