Online Training FAQs

SHC Epic training is managed in the Healthstream Learning Center. This includes tracking attendance in instructor led classroom sessions as well as delivering online e-learning courses. The type of training assigned to new hires varies based on job role and service area.

The SHC Epic Security team will enable access to Epic within 24-48 hours after a new hire completes his or her assigned Epic training.

Please contact EpiCenter University [EpiCenterUniversity] to learn more about the SHC Epic courses available or to ask any questions regarding your training assignments.

System Requirements for SHC Epic E-Learning Courses in Healthstream:

Login Instructions:


Medical Staff & Students (MD, NP, PA, Medical Students): Your user ID is "md-" followed by your dictation number (add leading zeroes if your number is not 6 digits). For dictation number "123, the user ID would be "md-000123".
Nursing, Ancillary, & Support Staff: Your username is your employee (Lawson) number preceded by leading zeros (6 characters total). So if your employee number is "12345", your username is "012345".
Others (travelers, student interns, contractors, etc.): Your username is your SID.


All: Your initial password is your username.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Problem Solution
I forgot my password Click "Forgot your password?" or "Password reminder" under the Healthstream login form.
I am from the School of Medicine and need Epic access for my research. What do I need to do? Follow the instructions to obtain your SID and request Epic access from Access Control, take training and activate your Epic access.