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HIPAA/CLIA Amendment Allows Patients Access to ALL Lab Results
(Starting: 10/23)

Beginning 10/23/14, ALL finalized lab results will be released to patients on MyHealth upon being marked as “Reviewed” - or - after 14 days if no action is taken. This includes genetic tests, pathology, tests for drugs of abuse, and HIV/Hepatitis testing. Always communicate “sensitive” results directly to patients before you Mark as “Reviewed.”

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“My Patients” in Patient Search Includes PCP and Care Team
(Starting: 10/16)

Previously, the "My Patients" filter in the patient look up only returns patients with the user listed as the PCP. Now, the "My Patients" filter will additionally look to see if you were part of the Care Team.

View Chart Review Routing History (Starting: 10/16)

You can use “Route” to send documents from Chart Review. Now you can confirm whether your patient has items sent. To access this report, go to Chart Review> Misc Tab> SHC REVIEW CHART REVIEW ROUTING HISTORY.

Updates to Ultrasound orders for Elastography (Starting: 10/23)

New ultrasound orders for focused exams start 10/23/14. Place order for "US Liver Elastography with Complete Abdomen," when a complete abdomen US plus the elastography scan of the liver is needed. Order "US Elastography Only Liver Spleen Kidney," when only an elastography scan of the liver, spleen or kidney is required. These orders will be available in ED, Inpatient and Outpatient areas.

Operative Reports: Use Epic “Deficiencies” to Assist in Timely Completion

Operative Reports must be completed within 24 hours of the surgery. To assist with this, Operative Report deficiencies will be assigned automatically based on surgical scheduling information in Epic – and removed immediately upon note completion. The deficiency will be assigned to the Primary Surgeon for each panel 8 hours following completion of the case (Room Out time). If a Fellow or Resident documents the Operative Report, the attending’s deficiency will automatically complete upon attending Co-Sign. For any questions, please contact the Health Information Management department staff at grelloma@stanfordhealthcare.org.

Hydrocodone Class Changing from Schedule III to II (Starting: 10/6)

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has changed hydrocodone combination products from Schedule III to the more-restrictive Schedule II. Hand-written secure prescriptions will be required starting 10/6/14. “No Print” orders should be placed in Epic for clinical documentation and medication safety.

New Cough Assist Device Order
(Starting 10/9)

The new Cough Assist noninvasively mimics a spontaneous cough helping patients clear bronchial secretions due to neuromuscular disease or spinal cord injuries. Order this starting 10/9.

New Glucose Monitorng Diet Order Questions (Starting 10/9)

"Glucose Monitoring with Meals" has been added to diet orders. A Yes response will trigger a message within Healthtouch, the Food Services interface. When the tray is delivered to the room, the RN will be alerted by food service staff. This communication improves the nurse’s knowledge about meal arrival and ability to schedule glucose monitoring with meals. Note: this does not substitute an order for a finger stick prior to meals.

Additional Treatment Goal Options for Beacon Protocols (Starting 9/25)

Treatment goal selections have been expanded to include options of therapy for solid tumors for all beacon protocols.

Epic In Basket Make Over (Starting 9/25)

In Basket messages now include tabs for quick patient references including Patient Info, Meds/Problems, Vitals/Labs, My Last Note and Help. Messages also now list conversations between patients & physicians in chronological order. Updates to message types include Staff Messages, Charting, Patient Calls, Transcriptions, Chart Cosign, CC Chart, Results, Refill Response, and Refill Requests making viewing information more intuitive.

New Therapy Plans Available
(Starting: 8/28)

Therapy plans are used for non-chemotherapy standing orders that occur repeatedly, over time, and need to cross patient visits. Providers can enter and sign orders for a patient’s entire therapy at once and plans can continue indefinitely.

On August 28th, approximately 15 new therapy plans will be available for use for various treatments like Orencia, Fabrazyme, Alemtuzumab, IVIG, Pamidronate, Thiamine and more. Additional therapy plans will be rolled out this year.

These plans will only be used for patients seen in the ATIC or at the Redwood City ITC.

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