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Significant enhancements to ambulatory lab orders (Starting: 8/14)

When placing outpatient lab orders, the Resulting Agency (Lab where test will be resulted – SHC, Lab Corp, External…) and the site of specimen collection are both documented in the Class field within the Order Details.

As a result of this limitation, many different orders were created for the same lab test. This led additional time searching and/or inconsistent electronic routing of orders to the correct resulting agency.

To make lab ordering more intuitive, a new field has been added to Order Details to specify the resulting agency. The Resulting Agency is defaulted depending on the clinic/practice’s most commonly used lab: SHC Labcorp, Quest, DMC, or External Source.

Key Points:

  • Personal Preference List will be updated but may require custom defaults to be reapplied after 8/14
  • Orders specific to a resulting lab will now be consolidated into one order. For example:
Before After
Hepatic Function Panel (Quest) Hepatic Function Panel (LabCorp) Hepatic Functional Panel (DMC)Hepatic Functional Panel

  • Only a resulting agency of External will print the order in clinic
  • The Resulting Agency field can not be defaulted when saving any lab order to your personal preference list.

Tip: To update and edit the resulting agency in multiple orders click the Edit Multiple button in Order Entry.

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Updated sepsis inpatient order set (Starting: 8/14)

IntraOp orders for routine transfusions, MTP and Emergency Release will be entered in Epic, allowing for barcode scanners to be utilized to document transfusions and new safety steps to ensure correct patient and blood.

New 2014 Epic Upgrade (Starting: 6/7)

Epic 2014 enhances Notes, Orders, Chart Search and more. It also sets the foundation for many more exciting features coming later in the year.

Some of the new features you will see starting 6/7:

Watch: MD New Version Summary Video

Share patient info across EHRs with each Transition of Care (Starting: 5/20)

When a patient transitions from one place of care or provider to another, new Epic features will exchange clinical information across EHR systems to provide a more complete picture of the patient's health. This is an important part of the Meaningful Use initiative at SHC.

Initially, only Sutter Health providers and locations will participate in electronically receiving these Continuity of Care Documents. Other institutions will follow soon.

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